Von Helms Family Sketches

I will be adding information here as it becomes available to me. If you have stories about these family members you would be willing to share, please contact me.

Ernst Edward/Eduard Paul Freienmuth Von Helms

Ernst's last name was changed to von Helms, when adopted by his step father.

Ernst entered the United States Army on June 1, 1917 in Baltimore, Maryland and was discharged September 15, 1919 in Paris, France. He had the rank of Sergeant and was with the Headquarters District, APO-713. He earned the World War I Victory Button (Bronze) and WW I Victory Medal with Battle Clasps for Defensive Sector.

He earned a PhD in German Literature. He wrote the book "German Criticism of Gustave Flaubert 1857-1930" which was Number seven of the Columbia University Germanic Studies. The book was published in 1939 by the Columbia University Press, New York, and was dedicated to his wife, Alvina.

If you have questions about any of the information found here, please let me know.

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