Letters to Lena Ernst Hettich

These are letters written by Henry Ernst to his aunt, Lena Ernst Hettich, on behalf of his sister, Louisa Ernst Freienmuth. There is also a follow-up letter from Henry to Louisa.

In the letters from Jacob and Louisa to each other are indications of problems between Louisa and her Aunt Lena. See those letters here.

Lawrence, Kansas
January 16, 1894


From Henry Ernst to Lena Hettich for what it cost her to house Henry and Louisa.
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Lawrence, Kansas Feb 2, 1894

Auntie, I am the one that made out the bill of Louisa's, and made it out as I was requested to. Henry had nothing to do with it does not even know that there was one sent you.

Why did you not go to see Louisa about your troubles the other day instead of Jake. In my opinion you wanted to turn Jake against Louisa but think youhave failed in your object.

The Steinbring girls had nothing to do with Louisa not going back to you after she left you.

The reason we left you as I told you before, you insinuated that you were doing us a great accommodation by keeping us there, and I told you if that was the case we would not trouble you any more, and you said alright go, and go we did.

After we had been gone a few days Louisa said she did not see how she stood it as long as she did and said she was a fool for staying with you as long as she did, if she should have wanted to go back to you I should have prevented her from doing so if I could. She did not need any persuasion from the Steinbring girls to keep her from going back to you.

After you had almost gotten on your knees and tried to persuade Louisa to go back to you and found out she would not.

You are going around running her down, but with the people that know you and know Louisa you are doing yourself more harm than Louisa and you should not have said I guess the Ernst children have plenty of money now and I guess they will pay their depts now.

What you ment by that assersion I do not know, but if you ment to assert that we owe you anything make out your bill and send it to us, and every cent that rightfully belongs to you we will pay you.

Auntie I have not been going around running you down to people as you have Louisa. I don't know that you have been running me down at least not to my knowledge.

In these lines I have been trying to explain who is at fault so you would not condemn the wrong persons, and do them an injustice

Yours, Phil

P.S. by the way how did the wedding look from the sidewalk

Lawrence, Kansas Feb 5 1894

Dear Sister,

I have been to busy to write to you as Charley and Mr. Achning are down in K.C. Mr. Achning bought a hardware store there on 1015 Main St., it will be shipped up this week.

Auntie has not been to see me yet, I wrote her a letter the other day, like one enclosed.

You and Jake come over to the mask ball at the Turner hall tomorrow night if you can.

Yours in haste, Phil

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